Selling Electrical Connectors and Harnesses

Here at PCS, we use multiple Manufacturers’ Reps to serve as our sales force in the field.  This has been a successful sales model in the past which allows for us to cover greater territory while still keeping the overhead and cost down for our customer.

One of these rep firms, Innovation Sales, has recently updated their website.  If you have a free moment, you may want to go ahead and take a look.  As many of you are aware, updating a website is not typically a trivial task, but I think you would agree that the Innovation Sales team did a pretty good job.

The team at Innovation Sales is a strong one with a very good blend of experience and youth.  For PCS, they primarily cover the Midwest area, but have accounts in multiple other locations due to their excellent customer support, particularly within the areas of Automotive Glass Connectors and Electrical Harnesses.

Their mission statement is:

To “bridge the gap” between customers and suppliers by providing solutions to the problems many of today’s Original Equipment Manufacturers and their supply base encounter.
We do this through sound application engineering combined with strong problem solving methods which have been developed throughout our history of service.

The portfolio at Innovation Sales includes fasteners, castings, powdered metal and electrical components.  The products in the portfolio are typically complimentary, therefore there may be something offered there that will be of interest to you.

The description page that is provided for PCS is pretty good as well in case you are interested in reviewing that:

If you have any questions or comments, I encourage you to contact us at PCS or the team at Innovation Sales.  I am sure that the team at Innovation Sales would welcome feedback on their new website if you are willing to provide it to them.