The Goal

We recently had a visit from an agency who has money available for training that they need to disburse and wanted to see if we would be a good fit for the receiving those funds.

While walking through the plant I found myself talking in all the common “buzz” words for LEAN manufacturing and Accounting, which typically leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  I am sure most of you have led this dog and pony show at least once in your life?  It became even more clear how important the simple concepts from Eli Goldratt’s book “The Goal” were.

If you are increasing throughput, decreasing inventory or decreasing operational expense you are most likely improving.  I think that sometimes it is good to remind ourselves of that.

Ultimately, if we are successful at the above objectives, you will purchasing from a supplier who has a healthy business (we aren’t going anywhere) and as we grow, our expenses and burden will be shared my more products, reducing or maintaining your pricing.  Sounds good right?

I should add that we anxiously await our assessment from the funding agency and welcome any criticisms or suggestions for improvement.  An outside set of eyes often uncover simple yet effective solutions.   I hope the week is going well for everyone and quietly hope to see some more comments.